Please read these terms and conditions carefully before hiring. The client agrees to the terms and conditions of this agreement automatically when hiring. HFAN reserves the right to change these terms at any given time.

ABN: 98 302 838 205


Payment is made via our website platform for pre-paid bookings or cash/bank transfer for last minute or in store bookings after a try on.

Full payment must be made to secure a garment, until payment is received the garment is still available for anyone to book.

Once payment is received no refunds can be made under any circumstances. It is the responsibility of the client to try on the garment before booking to know their size requirements. Store credits are given out under most circumstances.

For hires cancelled due to either an event cancellation or self-quarantine requirements/restrictions around COVID-19, the client can cancel their booking in exchange for a store hire-credit, for the full hire-fee. This will be valid for 12 months from the date of cancellation.

Once a hire is placed using a credit, it is final and cannot be swapped/amended or cancelled for another credit note. If the price of the newly chosen garment is less than the previous the client forfeits the difference in price. If the price is more on the newly chosen garment then the difference is payed by the client. Credits cannot be transferred to another client and/or used by someone other then the client who received the credit.

If the client is notified of additional fees owed to HFAN, such as damage fees, they must pay within 24 hours. The client will automatically be charged via their credit card if they fail to pay within this time frame. 


All hires for the weekend must be returned on the Sunday the weekend of the clients hire by 4pm or when instructed to by HFAN.

If an item is not returned on Sunday by 4pm or the designated due date a late fee of $10 will be charged to the client per day.

Alternate arrangements for the rental period can be arranged with the client and HFAN prior to the rental period.

All hires must be returned in the same bag/coat hanger they were collected in.

If the client doesn’t return the garment in time for a weekend hire to be fulfilled following their booking the client must pay for the refund of the client who missed their hire if that is what they desire.


HFAN will not provide a refund for items that do not arrive on time due to delays. A credit note to the value of the price (minus postage) will be provided. It is the clients responsibility to accept the potential risk of postage delays. 

All hires must be posted back by 12pm the Monday following your hire or the following day of your hire for weekday hires. Garments are to be posted back in the zip lock bag they arrived in inside of the pre paid filled out satchel. 

The client must lodge the parcel at an AUS POST post office counter. It is not acceptable to post back a hire in a postal box. The client will be charged a fee of $10 if this instance occurs.

When lodging your return please send a photo of the lodgement receipt and yellow tracking sticker to @hirefora.night on Instagram by 12pm. If HFAN doesn’t receive these by 12pm a late fee of $10 will occur. 

If the client does not post the garment back by the arranged date and the garment doesn’t arrive back in time for a weekend hire already booked the client must pay for the refund of the client who missed their hire if that is what they desire.

Alternative postal arrangements can be made prior to the rental period.


By hiring the garment, the client agrees that they will not attempt to clean the garment. If the garment has been damaged through any cleaning attempts, the client will be charged a fee up to the RRP, determined by HFAN. 

General cleaning is covered by HFAN, however, if the garment has been stained and requires additional dry cleaning, the client agrees to pay the extra fees.

If a garment cannot be cleaned completely by dry cleaning the client will pay the replacement fee stated on the garments booking page to replace the garment.


It is expected that all garments are returned in the condition
that they were received by the client from HFAN.

If a garment is returned with minor damage that can be repaired the client agrees to pay for the repair (in addition to the hire price). The cost of such repairs will be determined by HFAN.

If a garment is returned with major damage, either beyond
repair or ruined (as determined by HFAN), the client agrees to pay the full replacement cost of the garment (in addition to the hire price). This must be paid within 7 days of the garment being returned. The Client agrees that HFAN may decide to keep the garment.

If a client damages a garment or a garment needs dry cleaning prior to it’s next hire and it cannot be repaired/replaced/cleaned in time for it’s next booking the client must cover the cost of the refund if that is what the next client desires who’s hire must be cancelled as well as the replacement/repair.

HFAN determines whether damage is “minor” or “major”.

Clients acknowledge that they are wearing second-hand garments
that have been worn by other people, therefore some wear and tear is to be
expected. HFAN will not provide refunds or credits for garments that have normal wear and tear consistent with a level to be expected of a hire garment.

If a consignment garment is damaged the result of either a repair or replacement is determined by the owner of the garment, in this instance the dress cannot be kept by the client.


Strictly no refunds.

Store credits are given under most circumstances. If the client changes their mind or a garment doesn’t fit before trying on before hand you DO NOT qualify for a store credit.

Store credits are valid for 12 months from the date given.

CANCELLATION POLICY PICK UP HIRES - A client can cancel up to the Wednesday the week of their booking or 2 days before the pick up day of a weekday hire and receive a store credit. After this time, there are no refunds or store credits given and the client forfeits the hire. 

CANCELLATION POLICY SHIPMENT HIRES - A client can cancel their hire up to the Saturday the weekend before their shipment hire and receive a store credit excluding the shipment cost. After this time there are no refunds or store credits given and the client forfeits the hire. 



Postal hires are sent via Australia Post Express on the Monday the week of your hire to ensure prompt delivery or the Tuesday if your garment was booked for a Sunday the week before.


Tracking will be sent to you via Instagram dm.


Please note that we do not have an affiliation or control over the services with Australia Post. 

We strive to ensure prompt delivery of your hires. In the event that Australia Post is unable to deliver a hire on time and/or loose the package, wrongfully deliver it or loose the shipment label you will be provided with a store credit of the hire price excluding the shipping fee. 



All postal hires must be lodged by 12pm on the MONDAY.

If a public holiday falls on the Monday it is to be lodged by 12pm TUESDAY.


You will receive a pre-paid pre filled out satchel inside of the zip lock bag your dress was posted to you in. When lodging your return put your hire inside of the zip lock bag, pop it into the satchel and seal it up.

Please only lodge your return at an Aus Post counter. DO NOT post it in a postage box, if this instance occurs a $10 late fee will occur as there is no way for you to send proof of shipment.

When lodging your parcel at the post office please send a photo of the lodgement receipt and yellow tracking sticker to @hirefora.night on instagram by 12pm.


A late fee of $10 will occur if the return is not posted by 12pm on the designated day.